Twitter’s lawyers told Chancellor Kathaleen McCormick at a Delaware court that the data about the number of spam and bot accounts that the company had provided to Elon Musk was “explicitly an estimate”.

In addition, they said that the tech billionaire had not provided any reason as to why that information was relevant to his terminating the $44 billion deal to buy out Twitter. According to Musk, the bots on the microblogging site had greatly inflated the number of real users, which in turn could potentially impact monetizable daily active users.

Twitter lawyer Bradley Wilson has said that the SpaceX founder wants a “do-over” so his experts can come up with a “different number”. He added that Musk’s request would impact the privacy of everyday users and that the data involved is “trillions upon trillions of bits of data going back more than two years.”

Earlier this month, Musk had accused Twitter of “stonewalling” his lawyers’ request that the social media company hand over the names of employees responsible for tracking and dealing with the spam and bot accounts on its platform. In response, Chancellor McCormick ruled that Twitter would not have to hand over the data on all employees involved, except what was gathered by the company’s former consumer product head Kayvon Beykpour. The former Twitter employee had been fired in May this year. Beykpour had joined Twitter back in 2015 after the company acquired his video app, Periscope.

Twitter and Musk have both been prepping for their upcoming legal battle at the Delaware court from October 17 to 21. The two entities have been sending flurries of subpoenas to each other in a bid to gather evidence to support their claims. According to Musk, the social media company had failed to disclose adequate information regarding the bot and spam accounts on Twitter which could potentially affect earnings in the future if he went through with the deal.