In a recent announcement, a Twitter representative revealed that the character limit per tweet has now been expanded to 25,000. However, due to the checkout process needed to access this newfound power, this upgraded feature is not accessible to all users.

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Twitter’s engineering director in a tweet, announced the features. The tweet read, “We have increased NoteTweet (aka longform Tweet) limit from 10k to 25k characters. Enjoy longer NoteTweet and happy tweeting! 🥂”

The character limit for posts was one of the significant modifications Elon Musk introduced after buying Twitter for an astounding $44 billion. This character restriction, which was initially set at 280, has undergone substantial changes recently. It was increased to 4,000 characters in February 2023, and then 10,000 characters in just two months after that.

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The newfound ability to use up to 25,000 characters will likely delight the platform’s ardent users. There is a little qualification to keep in mind, though. Only subscribers to Twitter Blue, a premium membership service designed to promote meaningful interactions on the site, are granted access to the expanded character limit.

The users can access a number of extra features by signing up for Twitter Blue, which has a monthly fee ranging from €9.6 to €11 depending on the registration platform. The widely desired blue verification mark, the capability to modify tweets, less invasive advertising, the ability to group and organize tweets into folders, and even a slight improvement in tweet rankings based on interactions are some of these features.

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Many Twitter users praised the two new updates’ debut when they were made public. They expressed gratitude for Twitter Blue’s added capabilities and the increased character limit. Some users, however, also thought that these adjustments would be interpreted as a way for Twitter to increase its revenue.