Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Sunday, the last Sunday before Lent, posted a new Facebook video.

“Today is Forgiveness Sunday. But we cannot forgive the hundreds upon hundreds of victims. Nor the thousands upon thousands who have suffered,” the video was captioned.

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“And God will not forgive. Not today. Not tomorrow. Never. And instead of Forgiveness, there will be Judgment.”

In the shelling of Ukrainian territory, Zelensky accused Russia of “deliberate murder.”

“For tomorrow Russia has officially announced the shelling of our territory. Our enterprises of the defense complex. Most were built decades ago by the Soviet government, built in cities. And now they are in the middle of an ordinary urban environment,” Zelensky said. “Thousands of people work there. Hundreds of thousands live nearby.”

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“This is murder. Deliberate murder,” he added.

Parts of a Ukrainian tank factory outside of Zhytomyr, Ukraine – roughly 85 miles (140 kilometres) west of Kyiv – were demolished by Russian military strikes, according to a video posted on social media on Saturday. 

Zelensky said on Sunday he had not heard from any allies.

“And I have not heard a reaction from any world leader today. From no Western politician. There are no reactions to this announcement. Think about the sense of impunity of the occupiers: they announce the atrocities that are planned. Why?”

Russia is “likely” targeting populous areas in Ukraine, according to the UK Ministry of Defense, in an effort to destroy the country’s morale.

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Russian missiles may be seen flying in midair toward the Vinnytsia airport in Ukraine, about 120 miles southwest of the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv.

CNN had geolocated and verified the videos’ validity.

A missile can be seen in one video, which was shot from a cemetery more than two kilometres southwest of Vinnytsia airport. A study of the video found that the missile, which is travelling toward the airport, is coming from the southwest.

Before the missile is visible, the camera pans to the airport, where a smoke plume can be seen rising. CNN confirmed the validity of the footage, which was obtained by the Ukrainian Telegram channel “All Seeing Eye.”

Another video, caught more than four miles southwest of the airport and released to social media, shows another missile moving in the direction of the airport from the southwest.