Twitter has been coming in the news consistently ever since Elon Musk bought the company. Recently, Twitter became the hot topic once again as users start facing a ‘limit reached glitch’. A few hours before that only, Twitter shocked the user with a 4000 characters long tweet format, only for Twitter Blue users though.

The technical issue has been confirmed by the Technical Support on Wednesday. The social media platform is investigating the glitch but it is yet to be fixed. However, twitter users are having an outburst over these continuous glitches and changes everyday.

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What is ‘Limit Reached’ glitch?

The problem started when a number of users reported that they have not been able to follow any new Twitter accounts. Every time they will try to follow someone, an error message keeps on showing — “limit reached”. Additionally, many accounts noted that they are not able to post anything as well due to the limit on tweets per day. Others also claimed that they can not send DMs.

According to some reports on Twitter, a single user can follow up to 400 accounts per day. When the error message started showing, people got confused thinking they have reached their daily follow limit. However, they were far away from reaching any such limits in reality. Thus, the social media platform flooded with tweets over this “limit reached” glitched. Finally, Twitter Support acknowledged the problem and is now working to fix it.

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Subsequently, it was also reported that some accounts have not been able to post tweets or messages as well. The glitch started annoying users and many reacted negatively.

Twitter Support came in to handle matters shortly. In a tweet shared recently, they said, “may not be working as expected for some of you. Sorry for the trouble. We’re aware and working to get this fixed.”