Netflix's The Crown premiered in 2016 and became a fan-favourite in no time. One of the  finest period dramas of Netflix, the show revolves around the life of Queen Elizabeth ll and drama, politics, and relationships of the British Royal Family. Netflix’s fictional documentation, the series began with Elizabeth’s ascension to the crown in 1952, and so far has covered all major royal events and drama through the downfall of Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ marriage in 1990.

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Apart from Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana, one of the eminent characters of the show is Prince Philip. The real-life Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, is known for his witty comebacks and sharp sarcasm. So it's no wonder this quality would be explored for comedic purposes in The Crown. But while some of Philip's snarky remarks in the series are funny, others are downright cruel.

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The extraordinarily talented Tobias Menzies replaced Matt Smith in season two as Prince Philip. Seasons 3 and 4 shifted away from the first two seasons' focus on the marital woes between Elizabeth and Philip and focused more on their roles as royals and parents. In these seasons, Philip tries to find his way but has settled down significantly since we've last seen him. He's also more focused on offering support to Elizabeth and keeping his family in line.

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Whether it's Matt Smith or Tobias Menzies playing Philip over the decades, both actors showcase their subject's tendency toward smugness. It's true, Philip's ability to cut to the chase balances out his wife's tendency to equivocate, especially in the early years of her ascension to the throne.

Here are ten sarcastic quotes of Prince Philip in The Crown:

"You've raised looking the other way into an artform." 
• "Any honest parent would admit to having a favorite."
• "She's run out of tonic? Been knocked up by one of the footmen?"
• "Couldn't you just make up an excuse and say I'm off sinning somewhere?"
• "They delivered as astronauts, but they disappointed as human beings."

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"Why does everyone think that just because we're royal we like fine dining?"
• "That's the last thing this country needs. Two women running the shop."
• "I am currently outranked by my eight-year-old son."
• "I thought you were hoping for more children from me? then why on earth would you do something like that to your hair?"
• "Am I to be the only man in this country whose wife and children don't take his name?"

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