The Crown, ever since its premiere in 2016, has been a hotly debatable topic. As for some people, they claim it to be highly dramatised for audiences, while some assert that it presents little known facts to the public. The fact that can't be denied here is that the portrayal of every character is subtle and delicate.

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For a family, that is so glamorous and Royal, it has its fair share of tragedy in every season. Apart from generational secrets, trauma, rules, and prejudices have also given rise to terrible trials which the audience feels with each character.

Here is thee such sorrowful moments that we have encountered in The Crown:

Princess Margaret's doomed love story with Peter Townsend

Princess Margaret was the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth ll who already took a big blow when she was denied the Crown. Thus, the only place where she found any solace was next to the lovely Peter Townsend, a Royal Air Force officer and trusted by the Palace.

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Princess Margaret fell in love with Townsend and wished to marry him. Townsend treated Margaret with respect and loved her immensely, but the Queen could not allow their marriage to happen as he was a divorcee. The unfair control of Margaret's love life and her consequent downward spiral from that moment onwards made for a gloomy watch. Later, she married a commoner, rumoured to be bi-sexual, Antony Armstrong-Jones.

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Fate of Nerissa and Katherine

Nerissa Bowes-Lyon and Katherine Bowes-Lyon were two of the daughters of John Herbert Bowes-Lyon and his wife Fenella. John Herbert Bowes-Lyon was the brother of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother and uncle to Queen Elizabeth II. Princess Margaret's maternal cousins Nerissa and Katherine, too, suffered under the archaic and appearance-obsessed monarchy.

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Differently-abled, they were officially recorded dead but secretly incarcerated. They were sent off to a facility to spend their lives in isolation far away from the glitz and sheen of what the Crown was supposed to look like. It was undoubtedly heartbreaking to watch how they had been rejected by their own kin and the only one who cared even a little bit about them was Princess Margaret. The Queen Mother had very cunningly removed them from the history of the Royals.

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The ill-treatment of Princess Diana by the Royal Family

Princess Diana, perhaps the most loved character of the Royals in the series as well as in real life, breathed fresh air into the monarchy. She was adored and admired by the public, which was certainly used against her by her own husband Prince Charles and her sister-in-law Princess Anne, and others from the family as well. They hated her for being loved, which was no fault of hers. Prince Charles was a casanova who did not even attempt to hide his affair from his wife, and Princess Diana's efforts to revive their marriage was mocked by him.

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The Princess's repeated calls for help were ignored by Queen Elizabeth ll. Moreover, she was threatened and intimidated behind the scenes, and her love for her children was seen as something strange in a loveless family. The true tragedy of The Crown was the shunning of a woman from all directions for no real reason.

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