Premiering on 2016, The Crown, in no time has garnered massive positive response and a huge fanbase. Revolving around the Royal Family and the life of Queen Elizabeth ll, the Netflix series is one of the finest period drama till date. The first two seasons had a great cast, however, the new cast replacing them in season 3 and 4, turned out to be equally fantastic, giving performances that felt in line with the characters fans knew, while giving them their own spin.

Here are five reasons why the last two seasons of The Crown are the best:

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1. Award-winning Olivia Colman

Following the first two seasons, Oscar winner Olivia Colman replaced Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth ll in season 4 and 5. Colman's performance is a natural continuation of Foy's, with the added element of unseen years that have allowed Elizabeth to really settle into her role. The second two seasons offer more focus on characters other than Elizabeth but the moments that center on the Queen and her point of view are powerful due to Colman's performance. Imelda Staunton will play Queen Elizabeth ll in season 5 and 6.

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2. Reserved character of Prince Philip

The extraordinarily talented Tobias Menzies replaced Matt Smith in season two as Prince Philip. Seasons 3 and 4 shifted away from the first two seasons' focus on the marital woes between Elizabeth and Philip and focused more on their roles as royals and parents. In these seasons, Philip tries to find his way but has settled down significantly since we've last seen him. He's also more focused on offering support to Elizabeth and keeping his family in line.

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3. Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret

Helena Bonham Carter was the perfect choice to play an older Princess Margaret. She brought a mixture of swagger and vulnerability to the role that easily filled in the gaps of the years between Kirby's performance and her own. She portrayed both the resignation of Margaret in her middle-aged years, as well as the cracks that have formed due to struggles within her marriage.

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4. Elizabeth and Philip's children

Doherty's depiction of Princess Anne was, really enjoyable, and her accent is spot-on. Meanwhile, O'Connor gets a lot of storyline as Prince Charles, the heir to the throne and a rather complicated young man. His discomfort within his own family is shown in season 3, and his awful behavior in his marriage to Diana is a major focus of season 4.

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5. Princess Diana

Emma Corrin shined in the role and did a beautiful job paying tribute to Princess Diana. She captured the youth, the romanticism, the ambition, the pain, the loneliness, and the love that this woman embodied. An important part of her character is showcased in season 4, with a focus on what a wonderful mother Diana famously was. Elizabeth Debicki appears to be an excellent choice to play Diana in the upcoming seasons, but Corrin will be missed.

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