If you want to add both fun and fashion to your Republic Day look then these Television celebrities have some suggestions for you. From teaming up your white dresses or kurtas with accessorizes like hair clips and bandana to not sidelining your footwear, these tips can definitely bring variation to your patriotic fashion.

Malvi Malhotra (who made her small screen debut with Udaan):  For my Republic Day look in a western outfit, I think I will go with some nice hairband of orange colour and wear a white dress and blueprints in that. I will wear green colour heels and shoes and I can imagine it will look awesome. Also, you can wear tight denim and a white shirt with some green shoes and the hair bands and some tik tak pins. It will look classy

Aanushka Ramesh (will be seen in the upcoming movie 'Mangal Ho'): I would love to create the Indian flag tri-colours in a western outfit by teaming a classic white top with blue denim and adding a scarf or dupatta which has a combination of green and orange colour. I would also add some chunky earrings or hoops, and bangles to give it an interesting twist. Whitetop and blue denim is one of my favourite combinations of all time and adding jewellery gives it an interesting twist. I would complete the look with some funky slip-on or white kitten heels.

Rohit Choudhary (who will be seen in Marathi movie ‘Aamdar Nivas’): I usually prefer to wear Kurta pajama for 15 August or 26 January but if I have to opt for some western outfit then I will wear a green colour trouser with white colour shirt and saffron colour jacket or waistcoat.

Zaan Khan (from the show ‘Kyu Utthe Dil Chhod aaye’): I still remember I once wore olive green trouser with a white t-shirt and orange bandana. It  looks really cool