What's your idea of fun during a break between high school and college? A trip abroad with friends? a new hobby or skill learning? or maybe a part-time job. Isn't that how most people celebrate their gap time? But 19-year old Zara Rutherford is not most people.

On August 11, Zara is set to take up a trip of her lifetime- a 32,000-mile journey around the world and this is not even the best part, the cool thing is, she will flying the plane herself. Rutherford will be flying in a Shark ultralight, which as per her is the world's fastest microlight aircraft.

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Rutherford, who has a passion for flying and venture around the world, desires to set the record for the youngest woman to solo circumnavigate the globe. Her aim is to inspire women to pursue careers in science and aviation.

"It's a dream I've had for a really long time, but it always seemed unrealistic. When I decided to take a year out before I go to university, I realized, I've got all this time -- I might as well do something crazy with it," Rutherford told CNN. She holds dual British-Belgian nationality.

Rutherford's love for planes probably comes from her parents, who are pilots. She has been learning to fly planes since the age of 14. However, only started formal flying lessons and got her first license in 2020. 

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Starting in Belgium, Rutherford's trip will take her west through 52 countries, five continents, and crosses the equator twice -- first in Tumaco, Colombia, and again in Jambi, Indonesia -- which is part of the Guinness World Records' requirements for an around-the-world flight.

This trip will take over two months to conclude and is self-funded. Rutherford told CNN that she has sold her car for the purpose.

According to Rutherford, the total fuel for her trip is equivalent to the amount used in 10 minutes by a Boeing 747 as she's spending $710 on tree-planting projects to offset her carbon footprint.