Ghaziabad, Oct 15 (PTI) The Sahibabad police here arrested a three-wheeler driver whose vehicle was allegedly used to dump the body of a cable factory owner, an official said on Thursday.

Iqbal, a resident of the Laal Kuan area, was arrested from the trisection of Mohan Nagar during a checking on Wednesday night. His vehicle was also seized, SSP Kalanidhi Naithani said.

The vehicle was allegedly used to dump the body of cable factory owner Ajay Panchal who was strangled to death on October 12.

His body was recovered the next day.

A woman, who was in relationship with him, was held on Wednesday, the SSP said.

The officer said the woman's husband, his friend and the three-wheeler driver had helped in ferrying the body to a forlorn area.

While the woman and the tempo driver were held on Wednesday, the other two accused are still at large.

According to the SSP, the accused had planned to extort money from Panchal by recording a video of his in a compromising situation.

When Panchal opposed them, they thrashed him and in gush of anger strangled him to death by a stole, the officer said.

His car was left by them in an plot near Hajj House and the body was dumped an industrial area of Sahibabad.