Imagine wearing a furry sweater in this scorching summer throughout the day, and you don't have the option to take it out. Feels scary, right? This is what your cats/dogs go experience in the summer. The searing heatwaves are something none of us want to deal with. But while we have an option to save ourselves this trouble to a great extent by having frequent baths, or sitting in the AC, or the hundred other things, our pets may not be very lucky in that aspect. Any responsible pet owner would be aware that large exposure to air conditioners is not good for their furry friends and neither are the frequent baths. So what to do? 

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Here, we have compiled some tips from the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) to save your pets from this brutal summer heat.

Don't keep them out

Many pet owners prefer to keep their canine friends outside the house, in a garden, or backyard for several reasons. While it is not a bad idea to do so, summers are not a very good time to follow this. If for some reason, it is not possible to get them inside the house, try to build a proper house or shade for them so they are not exposed to direct sunlight.

Keep their paws cool

Your pets' paws are super sensitive and behave just like our feet. They get burned when they walk on stone pavements or asphalt. When we walk our dogs, we tend to forget that, walking our pets on asphalt not only burns but also increases body temperature and can lead to overheating.

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After the walks spray water on their paws and back and for the stomach area, use a wet towel to help absorb heat.

Keep them hydrated

Make sure your pets have plenty of clean, fresh water to drink which is not placed in the sun. Keep changing You can also put ice blocks in the water to keep it cool.

Dogs tend to easily get dehydrated in the summer, so keep a watch on such signs. Excessive panting, bloodshot eyes, and pale gums are signs of dehydration. 

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Do not leave them inside the car, even with the windows open

Avoid leaving your pets inside the car even if the windows are open. In fact, it is not advisable to keep your pet in any partially or completely enclosed area in the summer as this can cause them to heat up and feel anxious.