The Tokyo International Film Festival will take place as an in-person event. It will start from October 30 and will continue till November 8. The event will showcase the work of emerging Japanese director Keisuke Yoshida.

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Yoshida will be the Director In Focus as part of the festival’s new Nippon Cinema Now section, which will include a gala selection of his films.

His film will range from his 2016 breakthrough feature Himeanole to the two titles he is releasing just this year, the well-received boxing drama Blue and his forthcoming drama thriller Intolerance, which opens in Japan on September 23.

According to HollywoodReporter, Tokyo’s Nippon Cinema Now section is an expanded program that will replace the former Japan Now section.

In its new incarnation, the section aims to highlight exciting emerging Japanese filmmaking talents rather than more established names. 

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“Yoshida’s talent for depicting the madness of human relations between a diversity of characters, including a stalker, siblings, an international couple, boxers, a perpetrator and a victim, deserves to earn increased notice at film festivals in Japan and abroad,” the festival said in a statement, reports Hollywood Reporter.

The 46-year-old director graduated from the Tokyo Visual Arts film school and worked as a lighting engineer on films by cult Japanese director Shinya Tsukamoto.

He made his directorial debut in 2006 with the youth drama Raw Summer, for which he was awarded the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival’s Grand Prix. He then published a novel and later adapted it as the quirky father-daughter comedy film Café Isobe (2008). 

The Tokyo festival’s team said Yoshida is precisely the sort of beneath-the-international-radar talent they aim to boost with their new programming orientation.