Spiderman actor Tom Holland has taken to Instagram to uncover the first look and poster for the third movie in Marvel's Spiderman series. 

The newest addition to the series has been named "Phone Home" and will see Zendaya and Jacob Batallon return to the big screen alongside Holland. 


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In the latest part of the series, "Spiderman-Far from Home", we saw the evil "Mysterio" reveal spiderman's identity to the world. This means that for the first time, spiderman's true identity as Peter Parker is known to everyone. It would be interesting to see how Peter manoeuvres his way out of this bear trap. 

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There have also been multiple rumours about the 'cameos' of Andrew Garfield and Tobey Mcguire, who played spiderman in the previous series in the sequel of Far from Home. However, no confirmation has been made about this. 

Surprisingly, this could be counted as the first time Tom Holland did not accidentally give away the plot, the poster, or the characters of the movie. Holland is famous for unintentionally giving away spoilers at interviews and usually has another Marvel actor accompanying him during interviews to make sure this doesn't happen. 

"Spiderman: Phone Home" may release in December 2021.