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A still from the hit Netflix show Squid Game. (Photo Credit: Instagram/@netflix)

  • Squid Game is a Korean thriller that released on Netflix last month
  • The show has become Netflix's 'biggest-ever launch'
  • A group of Nigerian content creators have made a parody of a scene from the show

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Dylan Arnold is an American actor. (Photo credit: Twitter/YouNetflix)

  • Dylan Arnold plays Theo in You season three
  • His character is a struggling college student who has fallen in love with his neighbor, Love Quinn
  • Dylan began acting with the 2018 American slasher film 'Halloween'

.Los Angeles, CA, USA
'You' is a psychological thriller revolving around a character named Joe Goldberg. (Photo credit: Twitter/YouNetflix)

  • The third season of 'You' released on October 15
  • Netflix announced the fourth installment of the thriller series
  • The third season shows Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn adjusting to life as parents to a baby boy

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Penn Badgley is an actor. (Photo credit: Twitter/@PennBadgley)

  • Penn Badgley plays the role of Joe Goldberg in 'You'
  • 'You' is a psychological thriller about a bookstore manager-turned-serial killer
  • He also starred in popular teen series 'Gossip Girl'

.New York, NY, USA
You is back with its third season on Netflix. (Photo: Instagram/YouNetflix)

  • The new cast of You include Shalita Grant, Saffron Burrows, Dylan Arnold among others
  • You’ returned with its third season on Friday
  • The show streams on Netflix

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You is back with its third season on Netflix (Photo: Instagram/YouNetflix)

  • Psychological-thriller series ‘You’ returned with its third season on Friday
  • The season 3 premier featured a dedication to actor Mark Blum
  • Mark Blum played the role of bookstore manager Mooney

.Los Angeles, CA, USA
You is back with its third season on Netflix (Photo: Instagram/YouNetflix)

  • Joe is the murderous stalker who’s obsessed with women
  • The first season saw him killing Beck and the second saw him stalking Love
  • She turns out to be exactly like Joe, as she stalks him too

You will be back for Season 4. (Picture: Twitter/ @

  • You has been renewed for season 4
  • The announcement came just before season 3 goes to air
  • Penn Badgley will return as Joe

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B. J. Novak posing for a picture. (Photo Credit: Instagram/@bjnovak)

  • The Office is a popular American sitcom which ran between 2005 and 2013
  • BJ Novak worked as a writer, exectuive producer, director and actor in the show
  • He chose to exit the show before the final season

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Money Heist Season 5 will premiere on September 3, 2021. (Photo Credit: Instagram/@pedroalonsoochoro)

  • Season 5's Part 2 will be the end of Netflix's popular crime-drama Money Heist
  • The teaser trailer does not reveal much about the upcoming episodes
  • It will be interesting to see whether the Professor and his gang will make it out alive or not