.Beijing, China
Meng Wanzhou, left, chief financial officer of Huawei, leaves her home in Vancouver (Photo Credit: AP)

  • Meng Wanzhou returned to China on Saturday night following a legal settlement
  • China arrested two Canadian citizens shortly after the arrest of Meng Wanzhou
  • The two Canadian citizens were freed on the same day Meng Zhou returned

.New York, NY, USA
The deal concludes a case that brought relations between Washington and Beijing to a brink of collapse.(Photo Credit: PTI)

  • The DOJ deal with Wanzhou was disclosed in federal court in Brooklyn
  • The Justice Department will dismiss the case next December
  • The deal is known as a deferred prosecution agreement

.Beijing, China
China's President Xi Jinping remotely addresses the 76th session of the UN General Assembly. (Photo Credit: Associated Press)

  • China has maintained a critical view point on the Quad meetings
  • Such groupings will not be popluar and have not future, China said
  • Indo-Pacific security is likely to be one of the key subjects at the Quad Summit

.Washington D.C., DC, USA
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with US officials. (Photo credit: PTI file)

  • Quad Summit is scheduled to take place in Washington on September 24
  • Quad meet is likely to address China's growing escalation in the Indo-pacific region
  • China has maintained a critical view point on the Quad meetings

.Beijing, China
A woman carrying groceries walks by a map showing the Evergrande development projects in China, at an Evergrande city plaza in Beijing, Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2021. (Photo: AP)

  • Architecture website archcy.com is holding 12th edition of its annual Ugliest Building Survey
  • Contenders include some of China's most unusually-designed buildings 
  • In 2015, Xi Jinping issued a directive against 'oversized, xenocentric, weird' structures

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be in the US from September 21 to 25 (Photo Credit: PTI/File)

  • PM Narendra Modi is visiting the US to attend the Quad Summit and the UNGA session
  • The Quad Summit will be held on September 24
  • PM Modi will address the UNGA on September 25

.Beijing, China
President Jinping said that the world needs to advocate peace. (Photo Credit: AFP/File)

  • The US President said that he does not want "new Cold War" with China
  • The US and China have been locked in a standoff with disagreements
  • Xi Jinping addressed via a video conferencing

.New York, NY, USA
President Joe Biden delivers remarks to the 76th Session of the United Nations General Assembly (Photo Credit: AP)

  • Chinese President Xi Jinping said his country will no longer fund coal-fired power plants
  • Joe Biden announced a plan to double financial aid to poorer nations 
  • China and the US are the largest carbon polluters in the world

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Beijing, Sep 20 (PTI) Chinese President Xi Jinping will address the UN General Assembly (UNGA) on Tuesday and will deliver important remarks via video link, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said on ...