Washington, May 7 (PTI) A prominent group of Indian-American doctors on Friday urged the US government to release at least 30 million AstraZeneca vaccine doses to India to help meet its "acute ...

Washington, May 5 (PTI) Indian-American physicians have sought “blanket immunity and indemnification” from the Indian government for offering their voluntary services to COVID-19 patients either ...

.Washington, D.C., DC, USA
Senator Mazie Hirono from Hawaii is the leading sponsor of the bill. (Photo Credit: Twitter/@mazieforhawaii)

  • The bill passed the first hurdle with a 92-6 majority
  • The final vote is expected to be conducted later this week
  • Six Republican Senators voted against the bill

.Riverside, CA, USA
Stabbing incident happen on Sunday. (Photo Credit: Representative Image/Pixabay)

  • The victim has been identified as Ke Chieh Meng, a resident of Riverside, California
  • The suspect was taken into police custody and charged accordingly
  • Law enforcement officials did not suspect hate crime 

.Houston, TX, USA
Representative Michelle Steel is a member of the Republican party who called out the comments. (Photo Credit: Twitter/@MichelleSteelCA)

  • Seri Kim will be contesting for the sixth district of Texas
  • She made 'racist' remarks against the AAPI comunity
  • GOP Representatives Michelle Steel and Young Kim called out the Texas candiate for her remarks

.Queens, NY, USA
ANSWER coalition has helped organised multiple protests in the US. (Photo Credit: Unsplash)

  • The protests were carried out in more than 60 cities in the US
  • Protester's wrote messages for ending violent acts against the Asian community on their placards
  • Cities like Los Angeles, Queens, Georgia Metropolis, Detroit and Chicago witnessed protests