1 hour ago
Pop star Lady Gaga. (Photo Credit: Instagram/@ladygaga)

  • Ryan Fischer was reportedly shot at three times in the chest
  • Police found him conscious but hardly breathing
  • He was taken to hospital in a “grave” condition

1 day ago.Tasmania, Australia
Neil Waters claimed that he has been able to acquire pictures of a Thylacine from camera traps he had laid out. (Representational image: Unsplash)

  • Neil Waters video has been viewed more than 250k times
  • Waters has submitted the evidence to Biologist Nick Mooney for verification
  • The enthusiast founded Thylacine Awareness Group of Australia (TAGOA) in 2014

17 Feburary.Moscow, Russia
Teeth from mammoths buried in the Siberian permafrost for more than a million years have yielded the world's oldest DNA. (Photo credit: Representative/Pixabay)

  • The genomes exceed the oldest sequenced DNA of a horse dating 780,000 to 560,000 years ago
  • The mammoths were originally discovered in the 1970s in Siberia
  • The youngest of the trio is one of the earliest woolly mammoths yet found

14 Feburary.Nashville, TN, USA
Lulu is an eight-year-old border collie. (Photo Credit: Representative Image/Unsplash)

  • 83-year-old Bill Dorris, an  unmarried, successful businessman was Lulu's owner
  • He died last year and left $5 million for Lulu's care
  • Dorris' friend Martha Burton has been given the responsibility to take care of her

14 Feburary.Chamoli, Uttarakhand, India
Uttarakhand was hit by floods on February 7, 2021.(Photo Credit: Representational Image/Unsplash)

  • People hope that those buried when floods destroyed the Alaknanda river system will be rescued – alive
  • Of the more than 200 missing, the bodies of 38 people have been recovered
  • On Sunday morning, 5 bodies were recovered, two from Raini village in Chamoli district

14 Feburary.Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India
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Amazon Daily Quiz(February 15, 2021): Inji, a 61-year-old female Sumatran who recently passed away at Oregon zoo, was the world’s oldest what?

13 Feburary.Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India
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Amazon Daily Quiz (February 13, 2021): They are fed by their parents carrying fish in their bills, what are the babies of the bird called? 

6 Feburary.Madagascar
Since the mid-20th century, Madagascar has lost about 45% of its forest cover. (Photo Credit: Representative Image/Unsplash)

  • The ultra-compact chameleon is tiny enough to perch comfortably on a fingertip
  • It has the same proportions and world-weary expression as its larger cousins around the world
  • Islands connected long ago to neighbouring continents are known for miniaturised versions of animals

5 Feburary.Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India
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Amazon Daily Quiz (February 5, 2021): What fact about this animal is incorrect?

4 Feburary.Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India
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Amazon Daily Quiz (February 4, 2021): ‘Zazu’ in the ‘Lion King’ was this bird. What is it called?