As Anthony Mackie is set to reprise Captain America, MCU fans celebrate(Photo Credits: Instagram/ Anthony Mackie)

  • After Sam Wilson took over Captain America's mantle in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Anthony Mackie's MCU character inherited the role
  • MCU fans celebrate Anthony Mackie’s return to Captain America
  • Fans are ecstatic about the news, which was not unexpected

Anthony Mackie plays the role of Sam Wilson in the MCU. (Photo credit: Instagram/anthonymackie)

  • Malcolm Spellman is writing the script of 'Captain America 4' with Dalan Musson
  • As of now, no director has been selected for the movie
  • It is still not clear if Captain America 4 will feature Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan)

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Sam Wilson eventually accepted the shield and took on his new persona. (Photo Credit: YouTube-Screengrab/@KinoCheck International)

  • Anthony Mackie’s character Sam Wilson is the new Captain America
  • Wilson struggled with what it meant to be Captain America as a black man
  • He eventually accepted the shield and took on his new persona