18 Feburary.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Australia's Phil Hughes died after being hit on the back of his head under the helmet. (Photo credit: Twitter/@ICC)

  • Australia's Philip Hughes, hit by a ball on back of his head, died three days after getting injured
  • Pakistan's Zulfiqar Bhatti was hit on the chest with a ball during a match. He died aged 22
  • Cricketer Harish Gangadharan collapsed on field after complaining of breathlessness

18 Feburary.Pune, Maharashtra, India
Mahesh, aka Babu Nalawade, collapsed at the non-striker's end during an ongoing cricket match in Pune's Jadahwadi on Wednesday. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/Twitter/@SakalMediaNews)

  • Mahesh, aka Babu Nalawade, was  born in Mumbai and would come to his hometown in Pune's Junnar for his holidays
  • He was working as an assistant manager in the printing department of a media house
  • His brother said he contracted COVID-19 three and a half months ago

18 Feburary
The cricketer, Babu Nalawade can be seen kneeling down as he felt uneasy. (Photo Credit: Youtube/ @The Fun Studio)

  • 45-year old Babu Nalawade died on the pitch due to heart attack
  • The match was being played in Pune between Jambuth sangh and Ojhar sangh
  • While batting, Nalawade felt uneasy and sat down for a while, following which he collapsed on the ground

18 Feburary
Babu Nalwade died while playing a cricket match in Pune. (Photo Credit: jantaserishta)

  • Babu Nalawade, cricketer from Pune dies while playing a match
  • 47-year-old cricketer was playing a match and collapsed suddenly on February 17 as teams Jambuth sangh and Ojhar sangh were playing against each other
  • Nalwade was instantly taken to the hospital, however the doctors declared him dead.