.London, UK
Sarah participated in reality TV shows 'The Jump' and 'Celebrity Big Brother.' (Photo Credit: Twitter/ Cheryl Hole)

  • British pop singer and television personality Sarah Harding died  on Sunday
  • Harding's mother, Marie, took to social media on Sunday to announce the death
  • In August 2020, Harding announced that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer

.United States
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  • Each week, the houseguest are rewarded with BB Bucks based on the number of votes they receive
  • Inside the new High Roller's room, house guests have the opportunity to compete in one of three casino games
  • There were rumors among  live-feed viewers that Tiffany was forced out of the Head of the Household room

Host Julie Chen Moonves returns with a cast of 16 contestants. (Photo Credit: Twitter/@cbsbigbrother)

  • Host Julie Chen Moonves returns with a cast of 16 contestants
  • Big Brother follows a group of HouseGuests who live together in a "house" that is totally isolated
  • The winner of the show takes home a cash prize of $500,000 prize

(Photo Credit: Twitter/@CBSBigBrother)

  • The show will host 16 complete strangers locked up in a house through the summer
  • News anchor and TV show host Jule Chen is gearing up for a comeback at the centre stage
  • The show will be broadcasted three times a week

.United States
Big Brother Season 23 lineup is finally here. (Photo credit: Twitter/@BigBrother_2021)

  • Big Brother revealed its new 16 houseguests for Season 23
  • The show will premiere on Wednesday, July 27
  • The constants will be competing for a $500,000 reward