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.Delhi, India
China, on Tuesday, reported the first human infection case of the H10N3 strain of the bird flu virus. (Photo Credit: File/PTI)

  • Bird Flu or Avian Influenza is caused by Influenza Type A virus that cause acute respiratory illness in birds
  • The first case of Bird Flu was recorded in China in 1996 when geese were infected
  • The infection spreads through the droppings of aquatic migratory birds

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Authorities in southwest France began a culled thousands of ducks to contain an outbreak of a virulent strain of bird flu. (Photo credit: AFP)

  • H5N8 is a subtype of Avian influenza among poultry and wild birds
  • The H5N8 virus was first detected in a bird in a pet shop on the Mediterranean Island of Corsica in November
  • Russia on Saturday said that it had detected the first case of transmission of H5N8 strain of avian flu to humans

.Moscow, Russia
Russia reported its first case of a strain of bird flu virus. (Photo credit: Representational/PTI)

  • The infection is due to a bird flu virus named H5N8
  • The matter has been reported to the World Health Organisation
  • The outbreak was first observed in December among birds in a poultry farm in southern Russia

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Delhi’s Red fort has been closed for public till January 26 to restrict movement after bird flu was detected. (Photo credit: Pixabay)

  • The sample from a dead bird was sent to a Jalandhar-based laboratory 
  • The restriction is just a precautionary measure, said an official
  • Samples from a dead owl in the Delhi zoo had tested positive for avian influenza on Saturday

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal addresses a press conference in New Delhi on Thursday. (PTI Photo)

  • Samples taken from poultry markets have tested negative with respect to bird flu: Delhi CM
  • I have withdrawn orders to restrict trade and import of chicken stocks: Arvind Kejriwal
  • The Ghazipur market located on Delhi-UP border is a key supplier of poultry products in the region

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
A worker sprays disinfectant inside a poultry farm as a precaution against bird flu, in Maharashtra. Jan. 12, 2021. (PTI Photo)

  • All samples taken from Ghazipur poultry market tested negative for bird flu
  • The Delhi government had announced a temporary ban on the sale of processed chicken meat
  • Officials had earlier said that 10 samples from three areas tested positive for bird flu

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
People at Delhi's Sanjay Lake, where several ducks were found dead. (Photo Credit: PTI)

  • In its advisory, the Delhi government has urged people to eat "poultry products cooked at 70°C for 30 minutes"
  • Do not keep raw poultry meat near cooked meat, it read
  • Government has cautioned people to touch dead birds with naked hands

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Amid a bird flu scare, ten ducks were found dead in the Sanjay Lake recently. (PTI Photo)

  • All eight samples sent from Delhi to a Bhopal lab tested positive for the avian influenza
  • A total of nine states have reported cases of the bird flu
  • Officials had earlier confirmed that around 50 birds had died in Central Park, Mayur Vihar Phase 3 over three or four days

The central government on Friday had informed that so far six states have confirmed cases of bird flu. (Photo Credit: PTI)

  • We are monitoring the situation very closely, told the Delhi Development Authority (DDA)
  • The DDA has also informed Delhi government's forest department about the death of crows
  • Manish Sisodia, deputy CM of Delhi had ordered officials to keep a strict eye on birds at major bird sites

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Bird Flu is also known as Avian Influenza. (Photo Credit: PTI)

  • DDA park Hasstsal Village in New Delhi also reported unusual mortality of 16 birds
  • The central government had deployed teams to conduct epidemiological investigation in the affected states
  • ICAR-NIHSAD in poultry of the Panchkula district in Haryana has confirmed bird flu positive samples