#Black man

.Boston, MA, USA
Titled 'Emancipation Group', the statue was erected in 1876 as a replica of same statue in Washington installed in 1876. (Photo credit: Library of Congress)

  • Lincoln statue with Black man in Boston removed on Tuesday after petition by an artist
  • The statue's removal was ordered by the city's arts council last June
  • The statue was found objectionable for the bad light in which it showed the Black people

Police officials are charged in connection with murder of a black music composer, Michel Zecler

  • Two out of four officals were taken in custody
  • Other two were freed on conditional release
  •  Zecler's killing was followed by the introduction of a new security law by the French government, Article 24,

Protests have erupted in Porto Alegre, southern Brazil. (Photo Credit: Representational Image/Unsplash)

  • A black man was beaten to death by white guards at a Carrefour supermarket
  • 40-year-old welder Joao Alberto was punched in the face and head
  • A small number of protesters threw stones and fireworks at the police during Monday's protest