.New Delhi, Delhi, India
The chef said that there several hacks available online but this trick works the best for him (Representational/ Unsplash)

  • Chef Saransh Goila suggests freezing peeled onions and then chopping it 
  • He also suggested soaking the onions before chopping 
  • While slicing the onion, cells are released into the air that irritates the nerves around the eyes 

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Some quick and easy recipes can do wonders to help one get rid of hangover. (Photo credit: Representational image/Unsplash)

  • Pasta is great for soaking everything up, says celebrity chef Monica Galetti
  • My favourite thing to eat was always spicy chorizo eggs, said another chef
  • When I’m really hungover, I make a pie, said the third

.London, UK
French chef Albert Roux died on Monday morning. (Photo Credit: Twitter/@jamesmartinchef)

  • Albert Roux and his brother Martin started the famous Le Gavroche restaurant in Mayfair in 1967
  • They also ran 'The Waterside Inn' in Bray, west of London
  • Martin Roux died last year at the age of 78

Chef Gordon Ramsay learned how to grate a coconut with feet. (Photo credit: Instagram/gordongram)

  • Ramsay is discovering the art of tempering spicy flavours in India
  • Ramsay's restaurants have been awarded 16 Michelin stars in total
  • Ramsay recently faced criticism for an over-priced Wagyu burger in his restaurant

.Melbourne VIC, Australia
Melbourne-based chef Daman Shrivastav has been feeding the needy ever since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. (Photo Credit: Representational Image/Pixabay)

  • Daman Shrivastav "used to cook 150 meals a day" at his home, when the pandemic broke out
  • He also feeds international students, who find it difficult to sustain in an alien country
  • Shrivastav fed thousands of people in Iraq during the Gulf War (1990-1991)