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Colin Jost rose to fame as a co-host on 'Saturday Night Live' (Photo Credit: Facebook/@ColinJost)

  • Colin Jost is an actor, writer, and comedian
  • Jost joined Saturday Night Live as a writer in 2005
  • Jost also wrote and acted in the Paramount/Netflix picture "Staten Island Summer

Scarlett Johnson is known for her role in Marvel movies. (Picture credit-ANI)

  • Scarlett Johansson married Colin Jost in October last year
  • "We’re having a baby, it’s exciting", Jost said last week
  • Johansson is also the mother of six-year-old Rose Dorothy

Scarlett Johansson with her husband and SNL star Colin Jost. (Photo Credit: AFP)

  • The couple made the announcement on Instagram
  • Jost announced the pregnancy last week at a comedy show
  • Johansson and Jost tied the knot in October 2020