.Caracas, Capital District, Venezuela
Nicolas Maduro is the President of Venezuela. (Photo Credit: Twitter/@NicolasMaduro)

  • Labor Minister Eduardo Pinate announced the raise at a May Day rally
  • A kilo of meat in Venezuela costs about $3.75
  • Venezuela is now in the worst economic crisis of its modern history

.Washington, D.C., DC, USA
The move comes after a major surge was seen in asylum seeker crossing borders. (Photo Credit: Representative Image/Unsplash)

  • The deal is aimed at curbing the surge of migration
  • Guatemala, Mexico, and Honduras will increase troops at the borders
  • Biden had promised a more humane approach to migration while campaigning 

.Beirut, Lebanon
Anti-government protests were held last month in the streets of Lebanon's capital Beirut in the wake of economic crisis. (Photo Credit: AFP)

  • Abla Barotta, survivor of civil war fears a "slow death" from Lebanon's worst economic crisis in decades
  • She said that the worst days in the past weren't this tough
  • Lebanon on Tuesday marks 46 years since violence in Beirut between Lebanese Christians and Palestinians

.Piney Point, MD, USA
A byproduct of fertilizer production, Phosphogypsum is considered to be weakly radioactive. (Photo Credit: Twitter/@GovRonDeSantis)

  • Florida Governor DeSantis ordered the emergency on Saturday
  • Discharge threatens homes and an environmental disaster in Tampa Bay
  • The evacuation order impacts over 300 households in the area

Al-Anoud Hussain Sheryan, a 19-year-old girl disfigured in an acid attack by her abusive husband, sits at a hospital where she is undergoing treatment in Yemen's capital Sanaa. (Photo Credit: AFP)

  • Anoud Hussain was married at the age of 12
  • Her husband poured acid on her when she refused to return back to him
  • 2.6 million women and children are at risk of gender-based violence in Yemen

.Pyongyang, North Korea
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un grapples with the tougjest challenge (Credit photo : AP/PTI)

  • If COVID-19 continues, North Korea's economy could likely face a crisis
  • Despite the nuclear talks, North Korea hoped for the reelection of US President Donald  Trump
  • Kim is set to open a massive ruling Worker's Party Congress next month

.Ottawa, ON, Canada
COVID-19 has pushed Canadian public towards opioids. (Representative Image/Pixabay)

  • A total of 1,628 people died of opioids overdoses in Canada from April to June
  • The number of deaths was the highest in any one quarter since records began
  • Experts said opioid users were facing increased risk because of the pandemic