#Dating Apps

19 Feburary.Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Sugar Book connected younger women with older men, who are expected to provide financial support. (Photo Credit: Representational Image/ Unsplash)

  • The app's founder was previously arrested in Kuala Lumpur 
  • Sugar Book's slogan is "where romance meets finance"
  • The dating app also has a user base in Singapore, Thailand and the US

13 Feburary
The Bumble dating app was launched in 2014 by Whitney Wolfe Herd. (Photo credit: AFP)

  • On the dating app Bumble, women make the first move
  • The company is currently being valued at $13 billion.
  • Bumble offered 50 million shares at a price of $43 each

12 Feburary.India
Match, the platform, that runs apps like Tinder and Hinge reported that it recorded more than one million users in the last quarter of 2020. (Photo Credit: Unsplash)

  • Human beings are social beings, they crave the comfort of other humans around them
  • The pandemic not only meant physical distancing, but also emotional distancing
  • More people are getting on dating apps to escape loneliness

12 Feburary.New York, NY, USA
Whitney Wolfe Herd, 31, made her dating company public, becoming the world’s youngest female CEO to do so. (Photo credit: Twitter/@WhitWolfeHerd)

  • Wolfe Herd's enterprise was built upon a market which was essentially in-demand but underserved of her product
  • The application turned traditional dating norms upside down by letting women make the first move
  • In all of 2020, two other female-led companies became public in US apart from Bumble, among a total of 559 companies

12 Feburary.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Dating became limited to the screens of people soon after coronavirus gripped the world. (Representative Image/Unsplash)

  • Online dating made people to talk and know each other better before meeting in person
  • While dating online, people can make it clear what they are seeking from another person
  • A person can meet others over virtual calls before actually going out with them

13 January.Beijing, China
Browsing the internet as a young policeman in China, Ma Baoli recalls the sheer volume of web pages telling him he was a pervert, diseased and in need of treatment. (Representative Image/Unsplash)

  • "I felt extremely lonely after I became aware of my sexual orientation," says Ma
  • Two decades later, the softly spoken 43-year-old now helms Blued, one of the world's largest dating platforms for gay men
  • The app went public last July with an $85 million debut on Nasdaq

3 January.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Partners meeting through dating apps are equally satisfied about the quality of their relations as those who met offline. (Photo Credit: Unsplash)

  • Couple who met on dating apps have stronger cohabitation intentions: Study
  • As soon as dating apps started used by a mass population, it also faced a lot of criticism
  • It was revealed that women who met partners online want children than who met offline

19 December 2020.New Delhi, Delhi, India
As rules of dating are changing in 2020, dating apps are adapting to the new normal. Photo Credit: Unsplash

  • Dating apps are introducing new features to innovate the dating lives of people
  • Dating platforms have now made it easier for people to meet while maintaining social distance
  • Now, people can meet their potential dates anytime and anywhere without going out of their homes

20 October 2020.Islamabad, Pakistan
Pakistanis who use dating apps regularly face harassment and judgmental relatives. (Photo Credit: Unsplash)

  • Women users often reveal little about themselves
  • People don't really understand the concept of dating in Pakistan, explains one user
  • Some believe these apps is not part of theri culture