.Paris, France
Disneyland Paris is Europe's biggest tourist attraction. (Photo credit: Twitter/@DisneyParis_EN)

  • Disneyland Paris, which employs 17,000 people, closed between March 13 and July 15 in 2020
  • The theme park has had to cancel its reopening plans twice because of the pandemic
  • The theme park said it would require guests over six years old to wear face masks

.Washington D.C., DC, USA
Snow White is one of the Disney's most famous films. (Photo Credit: Twitter/@piersmorgan)

  • Snow White has now fallen into a controversy over the famous "true love's kiss"
  • Critics are not-so-happy about the ending with the kiss
  • This led to a debate if the film reinforces culture of male domination

.California City, CA, USA
Visitors pose as they enter Disneyland on the day of the park's re-opening on April 30, in California. (Photo credit: AFP)

Fans wearing Mickey Mouse ears lined up as Disneyland in California finally reopened Friday, more than 400 days after the pandemic forced an unprecedented closure for the self-styled "Happiest ...

.Paris, France
Disneyland Paris, one of Europe's biggest tourist attraction, to host COVID-19 mass vaccination. (Photo credit: Twitter/@DisneyParis_EN)

  • Disneyland Paris will host a mass Covid vaccination site at its convention centre
  • France seeks to speed up its inoculation drive, officials said Wednesday
  • The amusement park east of the capital has been closed since October 30

.Los Angeles, CA, USA
The mega-attraction near Los Angeles was unable to reopen last summer even while other Disney resorts did so worldwide. (Photo Credit: Representative Image/Unsplash)

  • California's Disneyland Park will allow visitors at "significantly limited" capacity
  • Members of the local community will be the first guests allowed back to Disneyland
  • Among the health-safety protocols that will be followed is mandatory mask-wearing for all visitors

.Paris, France

  • Disneyland Paris employs 17,000 people
  • It closed between March 13 and July 15 last year, and has been shut again since October 30
  • The theme park held off from giving any new estimate for a reopening

.California, USA
Disneyland can finally reopen.(Representative/Pixabay)

  • The world's second-most visited theme park has been closed for almost a year
  • A precise opening date would be confirmed "in the coming weeks," Disney CEO said
  • The statement was made during Disney's annual shareholders meeting

.California, USA
Disneyland can finally reopen.(Representative/Pixabay)

  • California is home to Disneyland, Universal Studios, Magic Mountain amusement parks
  • Theme parks, sports and concert venues have been closed due to the coronavirus pandemic
  • Attendance at outdoor sporting events and concerts, will also be allowed  with up to 20% capacity for venues located in the red tier

.Orange County, CA, USA
Citizens over the age of 65 years and healthcare workers were the first to get the shots. (Representative image: Unsplash)

  • The announcement of the vaccination centre came from Orange County administration
  • California so far has had a slower rate of innoculation compared to other states
  • The centre received 10,000 registrations within the first two hours on Tuesday

.California City, CA, USA
Disneyland had originally been scheduled to reopen in July. (Photo Credit: Unsplash)

  • Disney said it will cut 28,000 jobs from its US theme parks division
  • About two-thirds of the affected employees are part-time staff
  • Disney made a $4.7 billion loss in the most recent quarter