.California City, CA, USA
Actor Tom Cruise returned two Golden Globes awards for Best Actor category and one for Best Supporting Actor category. (Photo credit: Instagram/ @tomcruise)

  • Tom Cruise has given back three Golden Globe trophies to protest against Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA)
  • HFPA is facing criticism for zero involvement of a person of color in their all-white core team
  • Several actors and big companies have boycotted the HFPA in the past few days

  • In a first, Apple chose a Sikh presenter Navpreet Kaloty to host an event
  • Navpreet Kaloty presented a segment at the Apple Spring Load event held on April 20
  • Navpreet showcased Apple's new 1080p FaceTime camera on the iMac

.Boston, MA, USA
Kim Janey made the annoucement earlier this week. (Photo Credit: Twitter/@Kim_Janey)

  • Boston has only had a series of White men as mayors since 200 years
  • Kim Janey took over as the acting mayor after Marty Walsh was confirmed by the Senate for a cabinet position
  • Janey was previously the President of Boston City Council

.Los Angeles, CA, USA
'Mank', a biographical drama about Hollywood screenwriter Herman J Mankiewicz, has is nominated in 10 categories at Oscars. (Photo Credit: YouTube Screengrab)

  • Despite years of #OscarsSoWhite criticism, Monday's nominations saw multiple diversity landmarks set
  • Emerald Fennell became the first woman ever nominated for directing her debut film, with "Promising Young Woman"
  • A record nine actors of color were nominated across the four acting categories

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Through the stickers, Instagram aims to celebrate the diversity amongst all women. (Photo Credit: Representational Image/Unsplash)

  • Instagram has got its users hooked on the app after they announced a series of new stickers
  • The stickers illustrate diverse women around the world and stands in solidarity with frontline workers 
  • The stickers are available on the app and have been designed by five artists

.California City, CA, USA
Chadwick Boseman wins in the Best Actor (Male) in Motion Picture, Drama category (Photo Credit: Instagram/ @chadwickboseman)

  • The first two winners to get awards were Daniel Kaluuya and John Boyega
  • Golden globes is facing criticism for lack of diversity in Hollywood Foreign Press Ranks
  • Amy Poehler and Tina Fey,  the co-host of the event, also addressed the lack of black members

(Joe Biden has picked a very diverse cabinet(AP / PTI

  • The two picks complete of Biden's team of Cabinet secretary nominees
  • "This will be the first Cabinet ever that is evenly composed with as many women as men," Biden said
  • Biden said that Americans struggling due to COVID-19 pandemic need immediate and direct economic relief

.Washington D.C., DC, USA
Joe Biden is facing a tough time from Democrats over his cabinet picks. (Photo Credit: Facebook / @Joe Biden)

  • Joe Biden had promised his administration would "look like America"
  • Biden chose retired US Army general Lloyd Austin to become the defense secretary-- the first ever Afro-American in that position
  • People want to ensure that he honors his commitments by appointing minorities to key positions

.Beverly Hills, CA, USA
Meher Tatna was also the president of the association. (Photo Credit: Twitter/ @mehertatna)

  • HFPA had received flack for not having a single black member on the voting board
  • Meher Tatna talked about how the association must strive for diversity 
  • Helen Hoehne, vice president, also talked about the importance of having black journalists