.Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
On June 14, 2020, actor Sushant Singh Rajput was found dead at his Bandra home. (Photo Credit: Instagram/@sushantsinghrajput)

  • On June 15, 2020, Sushant Singh Rajput's last last rituals were conducted at Mumbai's Pawan Hans crematorium
  • In July, KK Singh, the actor's father, demanded a CBI probe into his death
  • On the late actor's first death anniversary, read the timeline of events in his death case

. (Photo credit: Twitter/@FuckItImKing)

Dakota Skye, born in April 1994 in Tampa, Florida, started working in adult film industry in 2013 and appeared in over 300 films.

.Los Angeles, CA, USA
Dakota Skye was found dead on Wednesday at her Los Angeles. (Photo credit: Twitter/@dakota_skyexxx)

  • Dakota Skye's real name was Lauren Scott
  • She was 27
  • Lauren was massively trolled online after she posed topless before a Geoge Floyd mural

.Washington D.C., DC, USA
Emma Coronel Aispuro, 31, was arrested in the US on Monday. (Photo Credit: AFP)

  • Emma Coronel Aispuro faces up to life in prison
  • She answered "guilty" three times when the judge asked her for her plea
  • She will be sentenced on September 15

.Los Angeles, CA, USA
Johnny Knoxville is one of the leading actors of the 'Jackass' frachise. (Photo Credit: Instagram/@johnnyknoxville)

  • Bam Margrega was fired from the upcoming 'Jackass 4' film over his addiction issues
  • Magrega has been an integral cast member of the Jackass franchise since its inception in 2000
  • He recently claimed that the 'Jackass' team subjected him to "torture" and made unreasonable demands

.San Francisco, CA, USA
Late American rapper DMX lost his life due to drug overdose in 2021 (Photo Credits: Unsplash)

  • According to The San Francisco Chronicle, 252 accidental drug overdose deaths were recorded between January and April
  • Over 700 drug overdose deaths were recorded in 2020, which was more than deaths caused due to COVID-19
  • Fentanyl is proven to be much deadlier than cocaine as it can kill a person within 5 minutes

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Justin Bieber gained popularity at a very young age. (Photo credit: Twitter)

  • Justin Bieber talked about highs and lowest of lows at a very young age
  • He revealed how his bodyguards would check his pulse to make sure that the singer was alive
  • The pop star said how his marriage changed his life and brought him back