.Tokyo, Japan
Fouaad Mirza is India's third-ever equestrian entry in the Olympics (Photo credit: Twitter/@FouaadMirza)

  • India's Fouaad Mirza qualified for equestrian jumping finals at Tokyo Olympics 2020 on Monday
  • He is the first Indian equestrian at the Olympics in over two decades
  • He scored 47.20 points

.London, UK
British athlete Lottie Fry is the youngest medal-winning rider at the Tokyo Olympics Team Dressage event. (Photo Credit: Twitter/britishdressage)

  • International dressage rider Lewis Carrier said “it’s not something you can just do”
  • “Training a horse to do that takes years of experience,” he said
  • He said that athletes also need a bit of ‘The Force’ from the Star Wars to control the horses