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A recent study has showed that working people who regularly goes for walks in greenspaces have higher stress- coping abilities. (Photo Credit: Representational/unsplash)

  • Our sleep cycle definitely plays an important role
  • The COVID times have disrupted our sleeping style
  • It is necessary for adults to get 7-9 hours of sleep

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Morning workout improves your mood, focus, and concentration. (Photo Credit: Representational Image/ Unsplash)

  • Exercises don't have to be difficult to be successful
  • Fitting in some exercise before heading out to work helps you to develop a habit
  • To get the most out of your mornings, follow the six stages in this 10-minute fitness regimen

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
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  • The ultimate goal of an effective workout is to strengthen body muscles and bones
  • Free weight exercises involve tools like dumbbells, kettlebell,  barbells etc
  • Exercises involving heavyweights  must be performed under experts' supervision

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Exercising at home has plenty of benefits. (Photo credit: Representational/unsplash)

  • Work-from-home has decreased the level of physical movement
  • Going to the gym is considered expensive by some section of the people
  • Use these everyday things that are available at home and get fit

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People with even a passing interest in exercise have heard by now of high-intensity interval training. (Photo credit: PTI)

  • The study shows that four-second interval workouts affect metabolism and muscles in adults of various ages.
  • Athletes interval trained to amp their speed and performance.
  • However, the ideal length of the individual intervals remains uncertain.

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  • Regular exercise offers numerous health benefits to your mental as well as physical health
  • Regular exercise, even  in areas with air pollution  reduces the risk of death from natural causes.
  • The study reinforces the importance of air pollution mitigation

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Shanaya Kapoor is the daughter of actor Sanjay Kapoor. (Photo Credit: Instagram/@shanayakapoor02)

  • Shanaya Kapoor prioritises her gym time over a lot of things people may think are crucial
  • Shanaya’s mother Maheep Kapoor also commented on the post, saying, “My, my”
  • She is slated to make her Bollywood debut through Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions

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Karnataka's civil defence employees perform yoga on International Day of Yoga in Bengaluru. (Photo Credit: PTI)

  • During the pandemic, many people find it difficult to exercise at home
  • The pandemic has prompted the fitness sector to adapt to the virtual realm
  • Failing to exercise might lead to psychological and other health issues

.Seoul, South Korea
Seoul authorities have imposed a speed limit on treadmills.(Photo Credit: Pixabay)

  • South Korea is seeing a rise in COVID-19 cases
  • To keep the pandemic in check, the government has imposed some restrictions on gym-goers
  • The curbs include a speed-limit on treadmills and curbs on gym music with higher tempo than 120 bpm. 

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Monday blues are real, but trust Bollywood actor Sophie Choudry to beat them. (Photo Credit: Instagram/@sophiechoudry)

  • Celebrity trainer Yasmin Karachiwala spoke of Sophie Choudhry's "history of multiple injuries" in a post
  • She said Choudhry was "always determined to overcome this and be a better version of herself"
  • Pilates is named after its creator, Joseph Pilates