.New Delhi, Delhi, India
The Supreme Court had scrapped Section 66A of the Information Technology Act in 2015. (Photo Credit: Twitter/@ANI)

  • "Don’t you think this is shocking?" the court said on learning that cases were still being filed under the scrapped act
  • Advocate appearing an NGO told the court that thousands of cases were registered under the section
  • In a landmark judgement on March 24, 2015, the SC scrapped Section 66A of the IT Act

.Pennsylvania, USA
The US Supreme Court, on Wednesday, ruled in favour of a Pennsylvania teen. (Photo credit: Representational/unsplash)

  • A Pennsylvania teen sued her school after she was removed from cheerleading spot
  • Her rant on Snapchat reached the coaches who doled out the punishment to her
  • This was a closely-watched free speech case in the US

.Paris, France
The French teenager known as Mila, who has sparked a debate on free speech. (AFP file photo)

  • The girl known simply as Mila says she craves nothing more than a normal life
  • Her videos criticising Islam in vulgar terms went viral on social media last year
  • France's most outspoken teen brings out a book titled "I am the Price of Your Freedom"