.New Delhi, Delhi, India
The video was posted by an Instagram handle run by Chabi Gupta and Anita Gupta (Screengrab/@yourregularmom)

  • Chabi Gupta uploaded a video of her mother reacting to her luxury item purchase 
  • Chabi captioned the video that now has 1.5 million views, “My DPS belt ft. Bihari mom”
  • “I think this is what every Bihari mom says on buying literally anything”, commented one user 

Earlier, a dance video of two doctors from Kerala went viral on the same song. (Photo credit: YouTube/ @Arun Creations)

  • A  video of a drunk man dancing to the song of Boney M is doing the rounds on social media
  • Previously, two doctors from Kerala also gained a lot attention with their dance on the song
  • The drunk man's dance is being called ‘Drunken's Rasputin Dance’

(Photo credit: PTI)

  • A video of a COVID-19 patient at a hospital in Madhya Pradesh's Chindwara is going viral on social media
  • The clip will make you smile, watching the positivity that the patient displays even while struggling with the deadly virus
  • In the video, the man tells that his biggest problem is not the virus, but a fan, check why

Viraj Ghelani is digital creator, known in Instagram. (Photo credit: Instagram/ @viraj_ghelani)

  • COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to stay with the four walls of our houses since March last year
  • People didn't celebrate their birthdays and anniversaries with others to keep themselves safe
  • A funny video is doing the rounds on Instagram dedicated to everyone who was born in April

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
The woman was seen struggling to park her sedan car. (Photo Credit: Twitter/ @cheembeam)

  • A video of a woman struggling to park her car is doing the rounds on social media
  • Even after trying multiple times, she fails to park her car until another woman guides her
  • The end of the video will leave you in splits 

Actor Samentha Fernandes has worked in various Indian TV serials, including Dil Dosti Dance. (Photo Credit: Instagram/ @samenthaf)

  • Samentha Fernandes, Indian TV actor posted a hilarious reel on Instagram last week
  • In the video, she is seen comparing the duration of COVID-19 virus in different countries in a funny way
  • COVID-19 cases have increased to a dramatic high in India and restrictions have been imposed locally

The Indonesian Macaque was seen moving the camera sideways and looking into the screen. (Photo credit: Representational image/Unsplash)

  • The incident took place in Indonesia's Tangkoko Nature Reserve
  • The primate tried to operate a camera in the absence of the photographer
  • The video has so far liked more than 8,000 times

.Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Genelia D'Souza has been sharing a lot of uplifting content on Instagram. (Photo Credit: PTI)

  • Genelia D'Souza shared a hilarious reel on Instagram of her and husband Riteish Deshmukh
  • In the first part of it, Genelia is seen frowning whereas Riteish kisses Preity Zinta's hands
  • "Wanna know what happened back home?" she captioned the post