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.Gouécké, Guinea
Guinea's health chief called Ebola an "epidemic" after seven cases were confirmed in the nation. (Representative Image/Pixabay)

  • The Guinea health minister said that the officials are planning to isolate all suspected cases
  • The fresh infections have been reported five years after Guinea declared itself free of Ebola
  • The virus cases have been recorded in the same southeastern region where it had previously emerged

.Gouécké, Guinea
Ebola was first identified in central Africa in 1976. (Photo Credit: Pixabay/Representative)

  • The tropical virus was named after a river in the Democratic Republic of Congo -- then known as Zaire
  • Those infected do not become contagious until symptoms appear
  • Infected person become more and more contagious until just after their death, which poses great risks during funerals

According to Guniea's health ministry, four people died on Saturday from Ebola. (Representational image: Unsplash)

  • This marks the first instance of Ebola-induced deaths in the country since a 2013-2016 epidemic in neighbouring Guinea
  • The new deaths occurred in Guinean town of Gouecke close to Liberia's north-eastern border
  • No cases, however, have been detected so far

.Macenta, Guinea
Communal violence is common in the southern region of Guinea near the border with Liberia. (Photo Credit: Representational/ Unsplash)

  • Weekend communal clashes in southeast Guinea left more than 20 people dead
  • Hospital director Kaba Conde said Tuesday there were too many bodies for storing at the morgue
  • Witnesses said many residents had fled and taken shelter in the surrounding forest

.Conakry, Guinea
Alpha Conde has been accused of drifting into authoritarianism. (Photo Credit: AFP)

  • Alpha Conde has been re-elected for a third term at the age of 82
  • 59.5% of the votes cast were in Conde's favour
  • However, his main opponent Cellou Dalein Diallo alleged he was victim of fraud

.Conakry, Guinea
Guinea's main opposition figure Cellou Dalein Diallo have been barricaded inside his home. (Photo Credit: Twitter/@Cellou_UFDG)

  • Guinea's main opposition figure said he was shocked the international community had not condemned
  • Cellou Dalein Diallo said international statements amounted to "rather timid communiques"
  • West Africa's Guinea has been racked by unrest since the October 18