#Gulf War

.Saudi Arabia
The Gulf Cooperation Council was established in 2017 (Picture Credits: Twitter @GCC)

  • The Gulf Cooperation Council was formed in 2017 to isolate Qatar from the rest of the gulf states
  • Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt to end diplomatic freeze with Qatar
  • Travel will be opened up between the boycotting countries and Qatar

.London, UK
Former British PM John Major presided over most of the first Gulf War in which British troops fought in a coalition with the US troops against Iraq. (Photo credit: Britannica.com)

  • John Major feared the prospect of another Gulf War with Iraq, his offical papers revealed
  • During the mid-90s, major considered abandoning Kurdish allies in the northern Iraq to avoid war
  • Saddam Hussain was deposed, captured, and hanged in 2011 ultimately by the US in 2006