3 days ago.San Antonio, TX, USA
The shooter open fired with a .45-caliber handgun in the middle of the road. (Photo Credit: Representative Image/Unsplash)

  • The wounded gunman was taken to the hospital later
  • The suspect had a history of mental illness
  • A lockdown was imposed earlier after the reports

13 April.Washington, D.C., DC, USA
US President Joe Biden recently introduced some gun control measures. (Photo Credit: AFP File)

  • Biden said he had been briefed and had seen the police body cam video
  • Biden called the footage 'fairly graphic'
  • He said 'Peaceful protests -- understandable'

9 April.West Virginia, USA
The Second Amendment of the United States constitution allows American citizens to legally possess arms. (Photo Credit: Twitter/@MorriseyWV)

  • Patrick Morrisey also took to Twitter to express his disagreement
  • President Biden announced a set of measures to curb gun violence
  • Biden urged Congress to pass the gun control measures soon

9 April.Bryan, TX, USA
Several people were critically injured. (Photo Credit: Representative Image/Unsplash)

  • Police reached the crime scene after the shooting was over
  • Governor Abbott released a statement to condemn the shooting
  • One person was killed 

9 April.Washington, D.C., DC, USA
President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and Senator Chuck Schumer have used the term "epidemic" for defining the gun violence situation in US. (Photo Credit: AP/PTI Photo)

  • Schumer said he will take the initiative for introducing the legislation in the Senate
  • The House has already passed a few legislations on the issue
  • Vice President Kamala Harris and other lawmakers threw in support for the initiative

9 April.Washington, D.C., DC, USA
The new executive order will classify ghost guns as commercial and require a background check. (Photo Credit: Representative Image/Unsplash)

  • Ghost guns do not have a commercial serial number
  • Up to 40,000 Americans lose their lives every year due to gun shootings
  • US witnessed three major shootouts in recent months

8 April.Washington, D.C., DC, USA
President Joe Biden speaks during an event on the American Jobs Plan in the South Court Auditorium on the White House campus. (Photo Credit: AP/PTI)

  • President Joe Biden will unveil measures on Thursday aimed at curbing rampant US gun violence
  • Biden has come under pressure from his Democratic party to tackle the bloodshed
  • A proposed rule will be tightening regulations on arm braces made to stabilise pistols

8 April.Washington D.C., DC, USA
White House denied to elaborate on the executive actions. (Photo Credit: AP/PTI File)

  • Joe Biden will announce the new executive actions on Thursday
  • Reportedly, the new legislation will make background checks on ghost guns mandatory
  • However, the exact extent of the announcement still isn't clear

2 April.Orange, CA, USA
Police officers stand outside an office building were multiple people were killed in a shooting in Orange, California. (Photo Credit: AFP Photo)

  • In the California mass shooting four, including a nine-year-old child, were killed
  • The attack took place at a small office building in the city of Orange
  • "This was not a random act of violence," said police lieutenant Jennifer Amat

29 March.Washington D.C., DC, USA
Senator Pat Toomey projected Republican support for gun reforms in the Senate. (Photo Credit: Twitter/@SenToomey)

  • The discussion revolved around a bill passed in the House that aims to push gun reform
  • Toomey argued that the reason for such gun violence was criminal intent
  • President Biden labelled the idea of gun reforms as "common sense"