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The 1938 DC comic featured Superman for the first time. (Photo Credit: Representational/ Unsplash)

  • Michael B. Jordan and his production company, Outlier Society are working on the project
  • Jordan has hired a writer for a Superman title on HBO Max
  • The project will will focus on the character of Val-Zod, a Black Superman from the comics

Parker joins Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey, and Gabriel Luna in HBO's adaptation. (Photo credit: Instagram/@nicoparkerofficial)

  • Nico was seen in the 2020 HBO series The Third Day
  • Neil Druckmann said that the show will "reinterpret" some parts of the game
  • The Last of Us TV show isn't likely to air for quite some time

Tess will be a recurring character in the series. (Photo credit: Instagram/@tlouvideogame)

  • Torv is known for playing Wendy Carr in Netflix's Mindhunter
  • Deadline reports that Torv's Tess will play a major role in more than one episode
  • Production on The Last of Us TV show began early this month

Jeffrey Pierce has stated that the scripts for the series are breathtaking and some of the best he’s ever seen. (Photo credit: Instagram/@jeffreypierce71)

  • Talking on the To All The Films We Judged Before podcast, Pierce gave a small insight into his involvement with the show
  • According to Pierce, Perry is “brand new and part of a brand new branch that has huge implications for things that did occur in the game”
  • He also praised Craig and Neil's work in the show

Fort Macleod in Canada has been turned into Austin, Texas for the series. (Photo credit; Instagram/@iamgabrielluna)

  • Twitter user @necromonica1 posted a series of photos and videos from the set
  • Fans of the video game series will already know what portion of the game takes place in Austin
  • Game of Thrones’ star Bella Ramsey will play the role of Ellie

Murray Bartlett will play Frank in The Last of Us. (Photo credit: Instagram/@tlouvideogame)

  • Bill and his lover/partner Frank will be appearing in the upcoming HBO production
  • Tommy's voice actor, Jeffrey Pierce, will play Perrya "rebel in a quarantine zone"
  • The Last of Us series, meanwhile, has just started filming

Naughty Dog's classic is coming to the small screen. (Photo credit: Instagram@naughty_dog_inc)

  • Production of The Last of Us is set to last until well into 2022
  • There is no release date for the HBO series just yet
  • So far, only a synopsis has been officially revealed by HBO

The Last of Us is one of the most talked about shows at the moment. (Photo credit: Instagram/@naughty_dog_inc)

  • The video game adaptation will apparently cost more than $13 million per episode
  • The insane budget will place the series high up on the list of most expensive TV shows ever made
  • There are 10 episodes slated for the first season of The Last of Us

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'Friends: The Reunion' was aired on Thursday.

  • The cast of popular American sitcom Friends got together after 17 years
  • The unscripted special episode was titled 'Friends: The Reunion'
  • Several celebrities made an appearance on the show