An aerial view of Dholavira archaeological site in Kutch district. UNESCO declared Dholavira a World Heritage Site. (PTI Photo

  • Dholavira is located in Gujarat
  • It is a Harrapan-period prime city spread over 100 hectares on Khadir
  • Dholavira was discovered in 1968

.Delhi, India
UNESCO declared Ramappa temple a World Heritage site. (PTI Photo)(PTI07_25_2021_000274B)

  • Harappan-era city Dholaviri became a world heritage site
  • UNESCO also named Ramappa temple in Telangana a world heritage site
  • India entered the Super-40 club for World Heritage Site inscriptions

.Liverpool, UK
The historic St Georges Hall in Liverpool. (Photo Credit: AP/PTI)

  • 13 delegates voted in favour of the proposal and five against it
  • Liverpool City Region Mayor Steve Rotheram called it "a retrograde step"
  • The UK government said it believes that "Liverpool still deserves its world heritage status