27 March
AYA is designed by a Chandigarh-based entrepreneur Sunali Aggarwal. (Photo credit: Pixabay)

AYA (As You Are), an indigenous dating app designed explicitly for the people LGBTQ+ community was released in April 2020 with the objective of bridging the gap between all those who have taken years to accept and being eloquent about their identities and those who are still to identify themselves publicly for various reasons.

15 March.Vatican City
According to AFP, the pope continues to oppose gay marriage. (Picture Credits: Unsplash)

  • The statement was issued in response to "Does the Church have the power to give the blessing to unions of persons of the same sex?"
  • "Negative," read the response by the CDF, signed by Cardinal Luis Ladaria
  • The CDF said such relationships might have positive elements to be valued, but that did not make them "legitimate objects"

10 March.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Doctors say that if it's important to have some kind of kindness and respect towards LGBTQ community. (Photo credit: Unsplash)

  • Many families in India are using corrective rape to cure their homosexual kids
  • Industry speakers talk about different ways Indians are adopting for it
  • The term was first coined in South Africa