8 April.Yemen
Houthi supporters desecrate a representation of the U.S. flag during a demonstration outside the closed U.S. embassy in Sanaa, Yemen. (Photo

  • Short-form poems, known as zawamil, are a much-loved part of Yemen's tribal heritage
  • They are played or performed at weddings and other social occasions
  • In the hands of the Huthi rebels, they have become a vehicle for martial music and propaganda

8 March.Saudi Arabia
Missile attack was targeting Aramco facilities, according to statement.(Representational/Pixabay)

  • The attacks did not result in any casualties or damage, the ministry added
  • Yemen's Houthi rebels claimed on Twitter they fired drones and missiles at Ras Tanura
  • Earlier on Sunday, the Saudi-led military coalition mounted air strikes on Yemen's Huthi-controlled capital Sanaa