.Miami, FL, USA
Lionel Messi's contract with Barcelona will expire at the end of the month. (Photo Credit: Twitter/FC Barcelona)

  • Reports suggest Inter Miami owner Jorge Mas and co-owner David Beckham have had "serious talks" with Messi
  • Barcelona have reportedly offered Messi a new deal, under which he will play two more season in Spain 
  • He would then end his playing career with two seasons in Miami before returning to Barcelona in a "global ambassador" role

.Miami, FL, USA
Blaise Matuidi is a World Cup winner with France. (Photo credit: Twitter/@MATUIDIBlaise)

  • Managing owner Jorge Mas was also fined $250,000
  • MLS had already determined the French World Cup winner had been paid more than allowed
  • MLS revealed in March it would be investigating Inter Miami's signing of Matuidi

The MLS opener saw drew huge crowds. (Photo credit: Twitter/Inter Miami)

  • Inter Miami twice took the lead
  • "Chicharito" Hernandez scrubbed out the lead on two occasions
  • 8,000 fans were in the stands at the newly branded Drv Pnk stadium