.Washington D.C., DC, USA
President Joe Biden has his task cut out. (Photo Credit: AFP File)

  • With the Senate deadlocked 50-50, there is zero margin for defection
  • Republican state legislatures have ramped up what they ostensibly call voter integrity initiatives
  • Manchin warned that Joe Biden's voting reform bill amounts to "partisan voting legislation

.Washington D.C., DC, USA
Senator Joe Manchin represents West Virginia. (Photo Credit: Twitter/@Sen_JoeManchin)

  • Manchin claims to have the support of other Senators
  • He said is comfortable with a 21%-25% corporate tax rate 
  • Republicans have expressed concerns over the high spending in the infrastructure bill

Washington, Mar 24 (PTI) Indian-American physician Vivek Murthy has been confirmed by the Senate as President Joe Biden's surgeon general, a role in which his top priority would be responding to ...

.Washington D.C., DC, USA
The Senate is the upper house in the United States bicameral legislature (Photo Credit: Unsplash)

  • The session was set to include dozens of votes on amendments to the American Rescue Plan
  • Joe Manchin balking at an amendment that would increase weekly unemployment benefits
  • In the event of a tie, Vice-President Kamala Harris casts the deciding vote

.Washington D.C., DC, USA
Neera Tanden had bashed Bernie Sanders and Mitch McConnell in her tweets . (Photo Credit: Twitter/@neeratanden)

  • Joe Manchin cited her stiff partisan outlook as the reason
  • GOP members too have resisted the nomination of Neera Tanden
  • Now, Tanden's nomination is in jeopardy unless a Republican comes forward to support her