#John Travolta

20 Feburary.Maine, ME, USA
John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston bought the mansion in 1991. (Photo Credit: Instagram/ John Travolta)

  • John Travolta's house comprises 42 rooms
  • The cottage-style mansion was built in 1903
  • John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston redecorated the house in 60 days

20 Feburary.Los Angeles, CA, USA
Another recent post by John Travolta showed him grooving with his daughter in their lawn. (Photo credit: Instagram/@johntravolta)

  • Ella Travolta and her brother Benjamin surprised their father with a rather emotional birthday message
  • The photo displays Travolta sitting, embracing both Ella and Benjamin at their much younger ages
  • John Travolta lost his wife in July, 2020

30 November 2020.Florida, USA
John Travolta and Kelly Preston tied the knot in 1991. (Photo credit: Instagram/johntravolta)

  • Kelly Preston died in July earlier this year
  • Kelly Preston starred in films like ‘Mischief’, ‘Twins’, and ‘Jerry Maguire’
  • At the time of Preston's death, Travolta said she fought a courageous fight