Josh Duggar was arrested in child porn case. (Photo credit: Twitter/JoshDuggar)

  • Josh Duggar pleaded the court to suppress the photographs of his hand taken in jail
  • He claimed through the motion that it was a violation of his Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights
  • The scar on his hand links him to "images recovered from electronic devices"

.Arkansas, USA
Josh Duggar featured in TLC reality show "19 Kids and Counting" (Photo credit: Twitter/JoshDuggar)

  • Josh Duggar is accused of receiving and possessing child pornography
  • Duggar’s lawyers say investigators failed to preserve “exculpating evidence”
  • If found guilty, Duggal will face a 20-year prison term and a fine of $250,000

.Arkansas City, KS, USA
Josh Duggar was arrested in April (Photo credit: Twitter/JoshDuggar)

  • Duggar is accused of downloading abusive child porn
  • He was given a conditional bail in May
  • The accused is not allowed to access the internet and meet his children without his wife 

.Los Angeles, CA, USA
'Counting On' featured storylines focusing on Josh's sisters and their families. (Photo credit: Twitter/JoshDuggar)

  • Josh Duggar was arrested in April this year and booked on charges of receiving and possessing child pornography
  • “TLC will not be producing additional seasons of Counting On," the network said on Tuesday
  • Josh's sister issued a statement thanking the fans of their love and support

Josh Duggar The actor pleaded not guilty to child pornography charges. (Photo credit: Twitter/JoshDuggar)

  • Former ‘19 Kids and Counting...' star Josh Duggar‘s family began breaking their silence about his arrest
  • Duggar pleaded not guilty to child pornography charges on April 30
  • His parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, and his sisters Jill Dillard and Jinger Vuolo says they are disturbed

Josh Duggar's family doesn't believe in birth control. (Photo credit: Twitter/JoshDuggar)

  • Reality TV star, Josh Duggar was the eldest of the 19 Duggar children
  • Josh was arrested by federal agents on April 29 in his home state, Arkansas
  • ‘19 Kids and Counting’ was taken off-air in 2015

.Arkansas City, KS, USA
Josh Duggar was arrested on Thursday. (Photo credit: Twitter/JoshDuggar)

  • Duggar appeared on the reality television series '19 Kids and Counting'
  • He allegedly molested five girls between 2002 and 2003
  • Duggar's wife is pregnant with their seventh child

Josh Dugger and his family. (Photo Credit-Twitter/@PageSix)

  • Josh Duggar is the eldest child in his family
  • He is a Businessman and former reality tv show star
  • He has 18 younger siblings

.Arkansas City, KS, USA
His wife, Anna Duggar is pregnant is with their seventh child. (Photo Credit: Twitter/@joshduggar)

  • He joined the hearing through a Zoom meeting from an Arkansas detention centre
  • If found guilty, Duggar faces fines of $250,000 on each count and 20 years of imprisonment
  • Duggar is the father of six children 

.Arkansas City, KS, USA
The arrest is related to Homeland Security's raid on his car dealership, which was shut down, in Arkansas back in 2019. (Photo Credit: Twitter/@joshduggar)

  • Duggar is at the Washington County Detention Center in the city of Fayetteville
  • No charges were pressed against Duggar post the 2019 Homeland Security
  • An insider claimed that Duggar 'turned himself in'