BRUSSELS, May 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The European Commission announced this morning the names of the 17 inspiring young people from around the world who will enrich the debates at the 2021 ...

According to Guniea's health ministry, four people died on Saturday from Ebola. (Representational image: Unsplash)

  • This marks the first instance of Ebola-induced deaths in the country since a 2013-2016 epidemic in neighbouring Guinea
  • The new deaths occurred in Guinean town of Gouecke close to Liberia's north-eastern border
  • No cases, however, have been detected so far

About 2.5 million people are registered to vote, according to Liberia's national elections committee. (Photo Credit: Representational/ Unsplash)

  • Ballot papers will also ask voters whether to lift a ban on holding dual nationality
  • The ban has long been viewed as hypocritical in some quarters
  • Still only in his first term, George Weah firmly denies that the referendum is designed to keep him in power