The Chinese New Year 2021 began on February 12. (Photo credit: Pixabay)

  • There are 12 Chinese zodaic signs that represent years and the five elements of nature
  • The same Chinese animal sign and element combinations occur only once every 60 years
  • The animal ruling an individual’s birth year greatly influences his/her personality

.New York, NY, USA
.New York, NY, USA
Traditional Chinese dancers perform during the celebration of the Lunar New Year holiday in Chinatown on February 12 in New York City.

  • No annual parade or large family gatherings greeted the Lunar New Year
  • The COVID pandemic has closed thousands of businesses and restaurants across New York City
  • COVID-19 has killed more than 28,000 people.

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Year of the Ox will be a prosperous year, Chinese astrologers say. (Photo Credit: Twitter/ @sundarpichai)

  • The coming year will be one of transition, creativity and a reversal of the industrial direction, astrologers say
  • Young people would be more willing to implement what is needed to put an end to old and unfriendly ways 
  • Those who will do well during the year of the Ox will be open to conscious change

.New Delhi, Delhi, India

According to the sexagenary cycle, February 12 marks the beginning of the xin chou year.

.Washington D.C., DC, USA
(Photo Credit: Representational/Unsplash)

  • Facebook launched new themed tools for people users
  • A new like button has been added in Facebook to give a festive feel
  • Lunar New Year is largely celebrated in China

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
People have said goodbye to 'Year of the Rat' and hello to 'Year of the Ox'. (Photo Credit: Unsplash)

  • February 12, 2021 marks the beginning of Lunar New Year
  • The Chinese zodiac calendar is represented by 12 different animals
  • In Chinese culture, an ox is a hardworking zodiac sign