Measles outbreak likely in wake of Covid-19. (Photo Credit: Representational Image/Pixabay)

  • According to an article published in Lancet journal, a major measles outbreak might occur during 2021
  • Many children across the world have missed out on measles vaccinations this year
  • The economic impacts of COVID-19 control measures may lead to cases of childhood malnutrition

In 1994, nearly 10,000 seals died and 15,000 foetuses were aborted due to starvation. (Photo Credit: Representational Image/Unsplash)

  • Conservationists started noticing dead seals at the sandy beaches in September
  • They found a large number of dead seal foetuses within the first two weeks of October
  • Fur seals typically give birth between mid-November and mid-December

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
14% of India's population is undernourished, suggested the report. (Photo Credit: Representational Image/Pixabay)

  • India fell under 'serious' hunger category in the Global Hunger Index
  • Bangaldesh and Pakistan were ranked 78 and 88, respectively
  • Nepal and Sri Lanka fell in the 'moderate' category and were ranked 73 and 64