#Matthew McConaughey

.Tampa, FL, USA
Viewers compared Matthew McConaughey's appearance in Lincoln ads to the Doritos ad. (Photo Credit: Instagram/officiallymcconaughey)

  • Matthew McConaughey appeared in the Super Bowl 2021 advertisement for popular brand Doritos
  • The ad shows the actor in a flat 2D body
  • People said the actor looked like a nghtmare in the ads

.Florida, USA
Super Bowl features some creative commercials and movie trailers during half-time. (Photo credit: YouTube/Screenshot from Frito-Lay ad)

  • Super Bowl, starting February 7, offers Hollywood a chance to showcase the best of commercials and cinema
  • Commercials of Doritos and Cheetos are among few to be aired at one of the biggest event of television
  • Movie trailers will also premiere, despite the pandemic pushing release dates ahead

Matthew McConaughey, in his explosive new memoir 'Greenlights', disclosed that he was molested as a teenager by another man. (Photo credit: Instagram/officiallymcconaughey)

  • Matthew McConaughey was 'knocked unconscious' by his male assailant when he was 18
  • Talking about his book, he posted a video on Instagram
  • McConaughey, in the 2000s, became best known for starring in romantic comedies