.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Instagram, owned by Facebook, was down last month also. (Photo Credit: Unsplash)

  • Users are unable to acess Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram
  • In an official statement Facebook wrote that they are fixing the problem
  • Users flooded Twitter with memes surrounding the situation

Elon Musk's tweet pumped Doge, Baby Doge, Shiba Floki and other meme coins. (Photo: Unsplash/Representative)

  • Elon Musk tweeted a photo of his pet Shiba Inu
  • The name of the pet is Floki
  • Prices of Dogecoin, Shiba Floki and Baby doge surged after Musk's tweet

New Delhi, Delhi, India (NewsVoir) Those who have a keen interest in investment space in technology will agree with the fact that meme tokens have become a mass frenzy. They have constantly ...

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
A viral meme about a friendship ending has found wide use on social media (Photo: Representational/Unsplash)

  • In 2015, a Pakistani man posted on Facebook, "Friendship ended with Mudasir, now Salman is my best friend". 
  • The post soon turned into a meme and went viral on social media
  • The meme will go up on NFT auction on World Friendship Day

.Delhi, India
Raj Kundra gets trolled after his arrest on Monday night. (Photo credit: Instagram/@RajKundra)

  • Internet users took a jibe at Raj Kundra's Twitter bio
  • His recent Instagram posts is being seen as a cryptic message to the police
  • He has been sent to judicial custody till July 23

Please Use tongues to pick pastries, Reddit post has left internet into splits. (Photo credit: Reddit-screengrab)

  • The photograph of the message was shared on Reddit
  • Bakery selling pastries have put the notice on their shop, which turned into a meme
  •  Reddit users come up with their own interpretation of the message

.Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
The Friends Reunion special will stream on May 27. (Photo credit: Instagram/ @mumbaipolice)

  • Mumbai Police has given a hilarious twist to the Friends Reunion special
  • The city police took to its Instagram and issued an advisory to raise awareness on COVID-19
  • In the post, the police asked to reunite with friends but only after the pandemic ends