#Meryl Streep

.Los Angeles, CA, USA
Actor Meryl Streep has been nominated in the Golden Globes Awards 19 times, the most ever. (AFP File Photo)

  • Meryl Streep has won eight Golden Globen Awards
  • Jack Lemmon is the second-most nominated actor in the Golden Globe Awards
  • Jack Lemmon has won the Golden Globe Awards for best actor four times

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Kangana has received three National Film Award. (Photo credit :Facebook/@KanganaRanaut)

  • The actress previously compared herself to the Hollywood star
  • Netizens were quick to ask that how many Academy Awards she has won 
  • Kangana has also compared herself with Gal Gadot and Tom Cruise 

.California City, CA, USA
The movie is a melange of big names, and McKay star-studded squad of actors have been increasing by the day. (Photo Credit: Twitter/Adam McKay)

  • McKay's movie is scheduled for release on Netflix 
  • The movie has some big names like Cate Blanchett,Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep
  • The movie will release in 2021

.Boulevard, CA, USA
The 48-year-old Colombian actress earned $500,000 an episode for the final season of the Emmy-winning Modern Family. (Photo Credit: Twitter/@SofiaVergara)

  • Sofia Vergara topped the Forbes list of the highest-paid actors in the world
  • Vergara earned a whopping $43 million in the past 12 months
  • Oscar-winner Angelina Jolie was placed second on the Forbes list at $35 million